Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let it Snow

A few days before Little A's end of term Christmas programme, the family went on a weekend trip to the mountains. It was our last for the year, and Little A spent most of it on a horse. We.managed a boat ride and bowling game in between horse rides, and because it was December there was the additional treat of the Christmas Village.

Little A, like his father, adores the Christmas season which in our part of world without winter begins in October and ends just in time for Valentine's Day. Father and son love Christmas trees laden with ornaments, twinkling fairy lights and the accompanying festive accoutrements.

The mountaintop country club we stay at sets up a child size Christmas village of wooden gingerbread houses, churches and castles for the month of December, but so far we have always missed seeing it as we normally visit in September or October and then mid- January.

This year, we finally got to pay a visit. At 6pm, when the gates opened, there we were, and to our great suprise, the lights went on, music started, and "snow" came flying from the tops of the wooden buildings!

This "snow" consisted of soap suds blown through a special machine, and it was quite magical. Little A, who knew that Christmas meant winter and snow, was beside himself with joy.

Upon our return home, he set up his own Christmas land on our sideboard. A train, little houses and shops, toy trees, all the stuffed snowmen he could find, some ornaments off the tree, and of course, "snow". He shook talcum powder over his creation (as well as our entire flat) and added cotton wool balls.

Every winter-themed store display in the shopping centers we visited was examined closely, and when one shopkeeper told us foam snow was available at the craft supply store we bought an entire bag, which Little A delightfully threw everywhere.

Bubble baths have also become a daily feature, as "snow bubbles" must be made at every opportunity until "winter" is over and the holiday season past. We look forward to revisiting the mountaintop snow village in early January.

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