Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Elf

All the dress-up opportunities at Little A's school this past term had an end goal - the Christmas concert. Late in November, Little A's teacher handed me a piece of paper with a photo on it of a cartoon elf, and a note explaining that Little A needed to bring a similar outfit to school in a week's time.

November and December are my busiest months at work, when I get very little sleep and skip weekday lunches entirely. Social engagements are grudgingly attended, and usually spent partially on the phone fo work. Naturally I cannot neglect housework in this time, and must also find, purchase, wrap, and deliver about a hundred Christmas presents for friends and family.

Finding an elf costume on top of all that would be nothing short of a Christmas miracle, and the shops I managed to visit had none in stock for seven year olds.

Two days to deadline, I sent a text to my crafter friend, asking her to pretty please make a collar and buttons for me to sew onto Little A's green top, which would be worn with red shorts, a Christmas hat (from several Christmas concerts past) and stripey socks sold by McDonalds for a charity fundraiser.

My crafting friend did even better and produced cuffs and a belt as well, and the end result was perfect. Little A dutifully performed at both the dress rehearsal and the concert, to the delight of his grandparents. Big A and I were on the other side of the island attending a friend's wedding and missed the show, but viewed the videos proudly.

Little A too viewed his videos repeatedly, and tried to make the Au Pair and myself "perform" reenactments. The costume bits remain sewed onto his green  top, to perhaps be used another day.

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