Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Onward to the Next Decade

Another year nearly over. Wow. Lately I've not had much time to post, with a new business to manage, a flat to run and a family to look after. Christmas came and went without my once feeling the holiday spirit. I did get all the presents bought, wrapped and delivered, but that is all in the course of a woman's work.

The past two months have been a flurry of activity. In mid-November, Little A visited a developmental pediatrician to assess the cause of his speech delay and see what course of action would be best to take. The doctor advised Occupational Therapy for behavioural modification and sensory integration, as Little A is very sensitive to textures - hating grass, sand and most forms of fabric upholstery, refusing to wear shoes - and does not respond to instructions nor interact much with others.

We visited a couple of therapy centers and managed to choose one and squeeze in the evaluation before they closed down for the year. Little A also started preschool two mornings a week at this same time. Yesterday, we took him for a sleeping hearing test called the BAER, which measures the brain's response to sound at different levels.

Little A's left ear was fine, responding from a level of 25 up to 90 decibels. His right ear, which the neurologist in charge of the examination told us is normally the dominant side, was less responsive, only showing a reaction to the sound at a high 95 decibels.

The formal report on the test will only be released next week (or next year, depending on how one looks at it) and will be explained to us by Little A's pediatrician, who will also recommend a suitable course of action.

It is a small load off my mind to have seen that there may be a physical reason why Little A isn't talking yet. We still don't know what the final diagnosis will be, but whatever it is, we are praying it is something we can address early and well enough to give him the chances he deserves as he grows older.

I have much to be thankful for for the past year, but even more to hope for in the one to come. Here's hoping a good decade for our family is up ahead.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ring Bearer

A week ago today my little boy walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand with his father, bearing not the pillow with the rings but his favourite Baby Einstein DVD case.

I was very proud, like all mums must be when their children first take part in a bridal march. When we were first asked if Little A would be the ring bearer at my cousin's wedding, I accepted with great trepidation and told my aunt in all honesty that I doubted he would cooperate. At that stage he was refusing to wear shoes, not at all given to following instructions and rarely walked but mostly ran.

In the months leading up to the wedding I tried on a couple of occasions to make him walk down the hallway of our little flat carrying a small pillow but had no success. If he walked, he would throw the pillow aside. If he carried it, he would hug it to his chest, run down the hall and crash into the couch, laughing.

Two weeks before the big day, I borrowed the top he would wear from my best friend from childhood, the same top her son wore to my wedding. The native Filipino dress top, called a Barong Tagalog, was long-sleeved and made of slightly scratchy cotton. Every time I tried to put it on Little A just to check it for size, he would pull it off. I was already unsure he would walk down the aisle, let alone with the rings and now half-dressed as shoes were still a no go.

On the day of the wedding, we had to wake him from his nap to get to the church on time. He had slept two hours and woke up cheerful. Always eager for a car ride, he enjoyed the trip to the church but weekend traffic meant we arrived just in time. I ran him into the church where the march had already begun, and got him into his top with surprisingly little fuss just in time to push him down the aisle. A little confused, he looked at me with a puzzled expression, as if to ask what exactly he was meant to do. Right then, Big A came up, took him by the hand and off they walked, just perfectly.

Later on, I helped him deliver the rings for the priest to bless, and this time he wanted to climb the stairs to the altar. During the photo session following the ceremony, the other little boys and girls stood at their places obediently while Little A had to be chased away from the priest's chair and hauled back bodily to the steps where the photos were being taken, several times as he attempted escape more than once.

Nevertheless, I considered the event a huge success. Next on the list, performing at the school end-of-term concert. That one is still a dream.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meme Time

I am really not a tech-savvy person. Honestly, I don't even know what the word "meme" really means, but gather it's kind of like the Internet version of an old-fashioned slam book. Mushamommy tagged me, and while I have no idea how to tag anyone back, I do have a few minutes to get through the questions, so here goes:

Do you think you're hot? Thankfully, my husband does, but as for me myself, it depends on what I am wearing :)

Upload your favourite picture and explain why you love it - for now, this one of my happy little boy.

What was the last song you heard? Old MacDonald Had a Farm

What are you doing while working on this game? Alternating between working and trying to put my son down for his nap.

Favourite nickname - The one my husband uses, which I will not repeat here :)

What kind of person are you? - An impatient one. I'm all for efficiency and can't stand red tape or incompetent people. I have few friends, but those I do have are good ones whose relationships I truly value. I'm quite practical and love a good bargain. I've learned that having few good quality things is far better than dozens of cheap ones, so my closet is not like the average woman's and contains less than two dozen pairs of shoes. I try to live life without any regrets.

Favourite song - Top 3 - Prince, When Doves Cry, Dire Straits' Your Latest Trick and The Cure's Love Cats.

Favourite food - Chocolate and raw fish. I can eat sashimi every day.

Most stressful thing for me - Juggling work, family and worrying about finances

3 Items that must be in my purse - Wet wipes, wallet and keys. Mobile phone instead of wet wipes if I'm not with my son.

Favourite colour/s - neutrals

Not-yet fulfilled dream - having a book published

Favourite city - London, if it wasn't so bloody expensive to live there.

Since I do not know how to tag anyone, I hope the few people who read this blog will consider themselves tagged.