Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Farewell, Third Grade

Today Little A officially becomes an incoming fourth grader. This year has been the best so far in terms of his improvements and achievements, behavior-wise, since he was diagnosed eight ears ago. Communication has also come a long way, and from what I observed in classroom structured activities, social interaction with his peers is getting better as well. 

I credit the leaps and bounds mainly to his fantastic pair of teachers. Both, but particularly the head teacher, went above and beyond the call of duty, and truly grew to love my son as much as his family does, and this genuine care over the ten month academic year translated into tangible gains across the board.

Another factor might well be the essential oil protocols we started last July. Little A's sleep has certainly improved thanks to the miracle plant that is Roman Chamomile. I like to think the calming and focusing blends had an effect as well, so much that by the third quarter they were hardly used anymore as there was no longer much of a need for them.

Finally, there is the constant that is Occupational Therapy, provided by living angel of a woman who has adjusted and readjusted Little A's programmes and goals over the past four years and watches him the most vigilantly of all. 

Miracles happen if you only know how to look for them. We have seen many in our son, just this past year.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Onstage Once More

When I hung up my pointe shoes two decades ago, I never thought I would one day find myself back in a "performing" capability, despite my definite return to dance as exercise last year.

Less than a month ago, Little A's school headmaster sent an email to ask if I might consent to dance at the school's fundraising show. How could I refuse? Another mum was a former dancer, and her daughter was Little A's classmate. She and another third grade girl were dancing a simple ballet number, so we opted to join them. We watched a rehearsal and then got together to work ourselves into the dance.

This was not much of a challenge choreographically, and we did want to keep the focus on the little girls, so our "dance" was more of an entrance, some arm waving, a few turns, and an exit. Still, we were thrilled to be back "onstage" and secretly hope it won't be the last time! Most importantly, it was for a very worthy cause, so if we are asked to do it again, I know what my reply will be.