Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Christmas, and Welcome 2015

This year has flown by, and ended rather well for our little family. After several months of hard work, a company Big A's employers were taking public finally listed. Despite several delays, the buzz was good, and in two days Big A had doubled his investment, earning us a small nest egg at long last.

After years of living hand to mouth, mortgaging our flat to subsidise Little A's education and praying our good health held, it was a relief to relax and take a breath and a break.

While the amount earned might not equal a lottery win, it was enough to pay off the mortgage and set up the beginnings of Little A's trust fund. Big A and I decided not to have another child, for a number of reasons not just financial, and this means we need to think far ahead to our son's future. While we continue to hope he will be able to find gainful employment at the end of his school years, we do want to be prepared so that he can live comfortably.

It seems an uphill challenge, with most people assuming he is an idiot until we explain that not speaking does not mean lack of comprehension, and he surprises them himself with his communication using a keypad. It is disheartening, as we know our child understands far more than even we know.

Our wish then, for the coming year, is that more people become aware, and exhibit understanding rather than skepticism with regard to autism in general. Come on then, 2015, bring it.

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