Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Year of No Shopping

In 2015, I was a total consumer. Big A and I traveled to over 10 cities together, two with Little A, and did a significant amount of shopping at each.

Granted, Big A only shops properly about twice a decade and many of my purchases were from the discount, secondhand, and thrift stores I love so much, but I still acquired, in one year, six pairs of shoes, four sets of hugely expensive undergarments, swimwear, beachwear, daywear, and winter wear. And a couple of handbags.

Looking through my wardrobe before Christmas I knew there was nothing more I needed for at least another year. I turn 40 in 2016, and while most people buy a new dress to celebrate this milestone I decided it would be even better to pick out an old dress from 15 or so years ago and make sure I still fitted into it. Double goal: shop less, and get fit. 

As for the pile of unread books I have accumulated over the years, it stands at about five dozen, 1/3 actual and 2/3 virtual. A book buying ban is also in effect, at least til this stack gets down to manageable proportions of a dozen or two at most. 

So, goals in place, let 2016 begin.

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