Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Comes to a Close

Another year is nearly over. The month of December is always a chaotic one, particularly because it happens to be peak season at my two shops. This month, after wildlife weekend Big A and I had to fly to Hong Kong quickly to collect some corporate ribbon orders, and then the following weekend we took Little A to the mountains for our annual end-of-the-year trip.

The "snow" village is only open in December, and this year we were properly equipped with wellingtons and a raincoat. Little A wasn't feeling too well, but he rallied like a trooper as best as he could, and enjoyed, for the first time since we begun staying there, the Japanese restaurant at the Country Club. He has taken to watching cooking shows on YouTube recently, and was thrilled to see the chef at the teppanyaki table prepare his meal.

Little A wasn't the only one feeling out of sorts. I experienced terrible vertigo for most of the month, possibly due to an ear infection, adverse reactions to my new birth control pill , or simply stress and over fatigue. Little A was sleeping well, thankfully, and I was on track in the presents department, with all gifts wrapped and distributed in record time, apart from two that Big A had ordered last minute. There was too much to be done, work-wise, to take any time off to rest, at least not before the 25th of December.

Before we knew it, Christmas Eve was upon us. We had two families to visit that night, Big A's first, and then my parents', where Santa made his annual deliveries. The next few days were more restful, though only slightly less stressful as I worked feverishly to catch up on the paperwork that had been neglected in the week or so leading up to Christmas, when every hand was needed on deck to wrap presents, make change, and ring up purchases.

And so 2015 comes to a close with a whisper. We have been invited to Big A's client's apartment for New Year's Eve, to watch the fireworks across the city from their floor-to-ceiling windows. It will be a quiet night, and an early one. I've cleaned out our flat and finally sorted out the boxes of car parts and old clothing that sat on our balcony for years. New Year, new start. We hope 2016 is as kind to us as this year has been. 

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