Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is, Has

A small L serves as apostrophe

Phoenetics - they "coudin" put Humpty back together

Ronald was a farmer, you know
Along with spelling, Little A is learning grammar. Apostrophes perplexed him as he knew the ABCs and could read, so I would explain that sometimes an apostrophe was short for "is," as in "It's raining," "It's sunny," since the first apostrophes he regularly encountered were when observing the weather during therapy sessions.

Logically, "are" also contracted therefore into 're, as in "If you're happy." So he happily went and constructed those phrases, with or without an apostrophe.

Before I could explain possessives properly, however, he observed the Golden Arches all over town, and figured they meant "McDonald is." And since his favourite nursery rhyme, after Humpty Dumpty, is that of the farmer and his animals, he sometimes turns Ronald into a farmer. He always precedes this with the proper spelling of Old MacDonald, so I know he is aware that they aren't the same. So we need to get cracking with the next grammar lesson.

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