Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drowning Daddy

Pushing Daddy's head under
Checking for bubbles
Making sure he's still underwater

Swimming away

Undewater hug
 Swimming days are here again. Happy happy joy joy for Little A. Even when the water was still a bit nippy, he happily jumped in. The first couple of swims of the year were careful ones as he never strayed far from the edge. When the water warmed up though, and his confidence returned, off he went like a fish, underwater, backwards, sideways.

When Big A was teaching him how to blow bubbles last summer, Little A discovered it was more fun to see how long his dad could stay underwater. (The answer: Quite long, thanks to his decade or so of training as part of the National Swimming team.) These days, he likes to play what I call the "drowning game," and never tires of it, even looking for other willing victims when his dad isn't in the pool with him.

Summer is not yet officially here, though the weather seems to be saying otherwise. Sundays are pool days, then, and this is one of them. We're off now, to the water.

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