Friday, November 13, 2009

Frequent Traveler

I am amazed at how some mothers can blog so frequently. Just looking after my one child, keeping our small flat in order and having partial charge of a new business venture leaves me with little time to eat, sleep and even breathe. Still, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl and Jill's toddler and husband sad people, so time must be alloted for "recreation."

With a trip to Hong Kong that needed to be taken before mid-November, (originally scheduled for a trade fair some months ago, the sudden onset of H1N1 worldwide required a postponement of a trip booked on what should have been non-rebookable, nonrefundable tickets) we found ourselves airport-bound for Little A's 5th overseas adventure.

Since he was born in July 2007, our son has been to Hong Kong twice a year. Two October journeys were Big A's business trips that we tagged along on, and the January trips were family ones for my parents' wedding anniversary and Chinese New Year, respectively. This one was partly work for me, and partly a nice break.

This trip also marked a couple of firsts for our little family. It was the first trip taken after Little A was completely weaned and since he decided to stop wearing nappies completely. With visions of wet pants dancing in my head, I packed three sets of trousers and shorts and a couple of nappies just in case, plus his favourite non-spill sippy cup, an assortment of books, and an entire box of his favourite biscuits for a half-hour car ride, two hour airport wait, two hour plane trip, half-hour train ride and ten minute taxi.

Amazingly, Little A did not have a single wee accident the entire 3-day trip. While at home he had to be taken to the toilet periodically or he would pee on the floor, all throughout the long weekend he would indicate when he needed to go, or go to the toilet himself and pull his shorts down and wait for someone to lift him up to reach the seat.

I was overjoyed. Perhaps it was the layout of the hotel bathroom, or the blue water in the loo (the toilets in the hotel were treated with disinfectant that turned the water bright blue), or even the fact that there were less distractions in the form of toys, videos and the like. Whatever it was, I was the proudest mum on earth.

Apart from the toilet training, Little A was perfectly behaved on the aeroplane both ways. He sat quietly in his seat, watched his Mickey Mouse videos, read his books and ate his snacks. Granted, the flights were short and he did do his share of sprinting in the airport and on the train into Hong Kong city, where he refused to sit anywhere but the luggage rack. Still, we were expecting much worse and were pleasantly surprised.

We have been back home a week now, and apart from one accident the night we arrived and another the next day when his nanny didn't take him to the toilet in time, Little A has kept his pants dry. He still needs to be taken to the loo every couple of hours, but I am hoping that soon he will be just like he was in Hong Kong and walk to the bathroom himself when he needs to go. Next week he will do a trial class at preschool. If that goes well, he will start attending twice weekly sessions. My little boy is not so little any more.


Peter S. said...

Hi, Iya! The picture of your son reading while on a plane is priceless!

Stepford Mum said...

Hi Peter! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, my little boy loves his books, evidenced by the folds, bites and grubby state of most of them. They're the only things that will keep him quiet and still in planes, trains, automobiles and restaurants!

Anonymous said...

Wow, galing naman ni Little A. :)

During our waits at the airport, I usually combine books with the psp. Especially when Cebu Pac is delayed. We only travelled when my son was 4 because he may not remember where we went to.

Have a good week!

Stepford Mum said...

Hi Judy! Thanks for stopping by again :) We're afraid to take Little A anywhere beyond Hong Kong or on a plane ride longer than 2 hours, since we are sure he'll be a riot when he starts getting bored!

Anonymous said...

No prob. I like reading your blogs :)

You'll be surprised how your son would cope during flights, just go for it :) But I wouldn't suggest Cebu Pac for flights beyond 2 hours though. We tried once and it was a nightmare :(

Sent you a tag pala.. Hope you'll have fun answering. Just repost the questions.

Anonymous said...

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Stepford Mum said...

Thanks for visiting, Joan! I may just take you up on that suggestion of posting more about travelling with tots.