Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Shoe Day

Yesterday, everyone in the family bought a new pair of shoes.  It wasn't intentional at all. My husband discovered his driver's license needed to be renewed and since the nearest Land Transportation office was adjacent to a shopping centre, Little A and I went along for the trip. 

Once there, I found a make-do cheap pair of shoes for my son as he is currently in between sizes of everything, it seems. He's about to move up a nappy size, his shoes are getting tight but the next size up is still too big and his shorts and trousers are uncomfortably snug around the waist. Add to that the 3 hour naps and increased milk intake of late and there's no doubt about it, my little boy is growing again. 

My husband and I recently celebrated our birthdays as well (we were born 5 years and 4 days apart) so a shopping trip was inevitable as we'd not bought each other presents. He'd been looking for a new pair of trainers for the past month or so to replace the ones he's had for 3 years now. The pair before this pair he wore from 2001 until 2006, so it was about time he bought some new ones. I, on the other hand, was hoping to find a reasonably-priced pair of rope-soled wedges for the summer. 

Once Little A had conveniently fallen asleep in his stroller in a store's fitting room, (I could practically see his thoughts prior - "Oh Mum, watching you pick and try on clothes is sooo boring!") and while Big A was still at the Land Transportation office, I found my summer shoes. When we met my husband for a quick lunch, he was proudly sporting a new pair of trainers, having left the old ones in the shop on purpose. Successful shoe shopping day all around then.

The best part about the trip was that Little A spent close to two hours napping in his stroller and then woke up and ate a large amount of Japanese food while behaving perfectly in his seat. Once finished, he ran madly about the mall while I chased after him with his stroller, but that was to be expected. By the time Big A came to meet us with a valid driver's license, we had done all the errands on my list. After a quick stop for a box of chocolate doughnuts, we got into the car and headed home. What a lovely day.

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