Thursday, March 26, 2009

Summer Sun

The last couple of days have been rainy, thankfully, giving the city a nice respite from summer's scorching heat. Little A has been spending his days playing outside, swimming with his father and discovering the little balcony off his room. 

Meanwhile, I have been going through his photos from birth to the present, burning files on CD for backup purposes, a task that should have been done ages ago. It's amazing to see how much he's changed from chubby smiley baby to independent toddler all in the space of just 21 months.

Tomorrow, we go to a play centre to celebrate the first birthday of Little A's youngest cousin. He hasn't been to this play centre since he was barely walking, so it will be nice to see if he enjoys it, and if so we will consider letting him attend their summer programme. These are the types of events he prefers, where the children are allowed to run around freely and play or climb as they see fit with a minimum of supervision. 

The last birthday party we attended was a disaster as it was a typical Filipino first birthday celebration with a loud master of ceremonies calling out the games, blaring music and plenty of boisterous kids. Add to that the fact that we arrived at what was usually Little A's naptime, and we were left with an inconsolable boy who refused to enter the restaurant where the party was being held. He sat outside in the blazing heat in his stroller until my husband put him in the car and drove around with the airconditioner on full blast until Little A fell asleep. We went home early, needless to say.

Playground and swim time this summer should give my son plenty of opportunity for interaction with other children. My hope is that his social skills develop further and that he starts talking in time for his second birthday in July. Stay tuned for how things unfold.

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