Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Building Blocks


One main challenge for individuals with autism is expressing creativity. They are known to be amazing mimics, and clever teachers and parents can use this as a stepping stone towards individual expression.

Unlike other boys his age, Little A was never particularly interested in Lego. He liked the ready-made Playmobil sets, where you just had to assemble the land and add the characters. Creating his own creatures, worlds or objects, not so much.

But recently, at his favourite toy store, he has been sitting at the Lego table, first recreating 2D images, and occasionally asking for help in adding more elements. I was tasked with building a moon and stars out of four sided bricks, and I am not sure I entirely succeeded, but my son was happy enough with my block figures.

He is now also past the stage of putting things in his mouth, hallelujah! So the next items on his wish list will be his own sets of bricks and a base mat. I look forward to seeing the worlds he will create.

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