Friday, July 8, 2016

In the Ninth Year

Another birthday has come and gone, Little A's FOURTH one celebrated at school. His birthday also marks the school's anniversary, so we always make sure to mark the date with food and cake.

He decided on a Magic Show theme a few months ago, so I asked my crafty book club friend to make him a hat and cape. She enlisted the help of her sister, who has mad skills with a sewing machine, for the latter, and the result was absolutely amazing.

Picked up a day before his birthday, Little A proudly wore his Magician outfit to the supermarket, where we bought paper plates, biodegradable disposable cutlery, napkins, and drinking cups.

After much thought, and given the limited time for celebration at school, we didn't hire an actual magician but gave away a bag of things that kids could use to perform their own tricks. There was cupcake blowing, and picture taking, and wearing of silly things like fake moustaches and bunny ears. Then the kids got back to work.

That evening, we celebrated with the family at a newly opened restaurant near our apartment. Little A enjoyed this too, more than I expected he would! He sat down for the most part, drawing, ate his snack (we packed him a meal, as always), had a brief wander around the new shopping mall where the restaurant was located, and then came back to blow out his candles. 

Nine will certainly bring more challenges, as these are never-ending for any parent, but more difficult for special needs ones. Still, we keep going, and are grateful for what we have. A jagged graph, up and down, to quote from Sophie Kinsella's remarkably sensible young adult novel. As long as the line moves ever upwards, no matter how slowly, there is reason to be thankful.

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