Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Activities

These days, most kids spend indoor time glued to iGadgets, or, for the lucky parents, physical or eBooks. Even luckier folks have children who love arts and crafts, kitchen work, or board games.

Thankfully, Manila is now catching up with the rest of the world and setting up indoor activity centres like soft play areas, and most recently, trampoline parks!

Big and Little A enjoyed jumping one Saturday; rather, Little A enjoyed it and Big A was completely exhausted within the 45 minute time limit. 

I liked that the monitors maintianed a strict ratio of one person per trampoline and a limited number on the "common" ones. Little couldn't jump from one to the next, sadly, unless the next wasn't occupied.

Still, it was a fun hour and one we will certainly do again.

In indoor-outdoor fun, Little A's horse-loving cousin turned twelve, and since our city has limited locations for actual riding, the party consisted of the kids painting papier mache "taka" horses. Little A is better at imitation now, and when he saw another girl's blue horse, he wanted to paint his the same way. 

We were also visited by the Mr. Men, longtime favourites in our home. Little A has a limited edition print I picked up in London, of the Mr. Men and Little Misses on a double decker bus. For ages when younger, their Great Alphabet Hunt was his favourite thing to watch, so being able to ride the "actual" bus was a treat!

Finally, a new soft play centre has opened just two streets away from our home. This gives us another alternative from the one further down the road.

Summer is upon us, so most free time  be spent indoors out of the scorching heat, so it's wonderful that there are so many options for gadget-free activitiy.

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