Friday, January 29, 2016

Ten Years Married

This month, Big A and I celebrate a decade of marriage, and mark 15 years to the day we met.

Sometimes it seems like those carefree single days are a lifetime ago, and perhaps they are. Back then our social lives were a whirl, with late nights spent out with each other or other friends several times a week despite the day jobs we both maintained. We lived in the hippest part of town, a short walk from the best bars and trendiest new restaurants.

These days, we still live in the (new, decade or so old) hippest part of town, but now we prefer to stay home in the evenings, relaxing after the days' work and anticipating the next morning's early school run. Nights out consist of the occasional movie, or dinner for a friend's birthday. Alcohol is consumed with a mind to the early morning wake-ups courtesy of Little A, and the fact that our now middle-aged bodies don't recover as quickly as they used to.

Much has changed in Big A's and my relationship in ten years of marriage, as it must with all couples; many challenges have been thrown at us financially, employment-wise, and as a result of Little A's autism diagnosis. But thankfully we have managed to weather them together, despite the issues that plague all marriages. 

One decade down then, and overall we have been blessed far more than challenged as a family. May the next few decades be just as kind.

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