Monday, September 7, 2015

Father and Son

These days, whenever the entire family is together at home, Little A declares me persona non grata. I am made to exit the bedroom, or the living room, so that he and Big A can have uninterrupted boy time. 

As it is, I am Little A's daily driver, after school minder and supermarket companion five and a half days a week, so he probably wants me out of his sight when Dad is home.

Since Big A only has evenings with Little A during the week, on weekends we make short trips to the nearby zoos or parks. Otherwise we hang out in our tiny flat, relaxing until it is time for the following week to begin in earnest. 

Boy time leaves me free to read, have my nails done, attempt to get the flat organised, and lately, try and get a head start on this year's Christmas shopping. That last is simply done from my mobile phone as I have a handy list of crafty contacts who regularly produce presents for the people on my gift list. Nephews, nieces and godchildren get books carefully chosen and purchased during the September sales.

The busiest time of the year at my shop looms ahead. In a few weeks, we will be putting Christmas merchandise on the shelves and hoping it sells out quickly. Knowing I can do my bit to bring in my share of the family bacon while my son is happy at home with his dad is a welcome thought.

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