Thursday, August 27, 2015

United Nations Day

It's fancy dress time at school, officially. In the first term, the teachers and students at Little A's school go all out for National Language Week (Filipino traditional dress), United Nations Day (any country's dress, really), Halloween, and then the end-of-term pre-Christmas show.

Part of the reason for this is that most of the students are children of expats (therefore national and world awareness need to be given equal importance), and another part because many of the special needs students are very set in their ways. Most dislike breaks in routine and those with sensory processing issues have problems wearing different types of clothing. Little A fits into both categories and yet this year and last have made him so much more open, and willing, to put on various types of fancy dress. Kudos to the teachers for that.

Naturally, I try to find the least uncomfortable costumes in fabrics that are acceptable to him. This year, two trips to Japan led to the purchase of what is actually a pair of pajamas for Little A to wear to school for a day. I have seen photos of my Japanese friends' children wearing these types of outfits around the house, but one person's sleepwear is another's fancy dress, so what the heck.

Little A happily spent the day in the "costume," and together with his classmates, save one, made up the entire history of the Philippines. The Malaysian boy wore a Chinese outfit, one girl a Spanish dress, another boy a shirt and tie to symbolize America. Little A represented the World War II bit and came as a Japanese boy.

All went well then, and onwards to Halloween!

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