Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Year of Slow Reading

A few years ago, I joined a book club. Prior to that I'd just been reading, what I wanted and when I wanted. But these book clubbers are serious readers, who note the titles they read in a year, make extensive lists and, in some cases, write detailed reviews that only serve to increase the number of books one wants to read.

I am nothing if not conscientious, so I dutifully started recording my reads. For the two consecutive years I attended the Christmas parties, it turns out I read the most books among the group.

Starting last December, though, my reading pace has slowed drastically as my workload has increased. Since this year has begun, I've barely finished one book, whereas I normally average ten to fifteen a month.

No matter the pace, it's the quality that matters. For the past couple of years I've resolved to read more books by local authors, and this year that looks to be on track, as the first quarter's book discussions and read-along all feature Filipino authored works.

This year, I also resolve to read less of the self-published free books that have mostly turned out disappointing. If I can somehow narrow down my to-be-read pile from the 50 books it's hovered at for the past couple of years down to about two dozen, that would be amazing.

So, on to page turning then.

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