Wednesday, December 4, 2013


All children write on walls. Or at least they try to. When we were young, ink pads and rubber stamps were strictly forbidden inside our house. Back then, in this Third World Country, there was no such thing as washable ink so any marks made remained, indelible.

These days, thankfully, children's art supplies mostly come off with a little water and soap, though sometimes elbow grease is still required.

Little A prefers spelling to drawing, and has little patience colouring, painting and doing crafts. He likes spilling paint on the floor, or trying to paint on the walls, specifically the location underneath our apartment's only "proper" artwork, a large abstract that runs the length of a wall next to our dining table. If not for the glass covering the painting, he no doubt would have made his own additions to it long ago.

Recently though, he decided to write on the wall. His first graffiti is still there, and will likely not come down until we repaint or move away, and heaven knows when either of those possibilities might happen.

Little A's choice of drawing is his current favourite, the Pixar lamp. He has watched all the permutations of this video on youTube, and, finally, has tried to recreate it on his own, complete with tag line from the video he likes best.

At school, he currently has an hour a week with an art teacher who specialises teaching individuals with needs. Right now they're just working on colouring larger areas within the lines, but soon, hopefully, Little A will be creating more of his own works of art. 

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