Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Playing School

Little A has had a couple of tummy upsets in the past few weeks, causing him to miss two days of school. And then there are the national holidays and storms that cause classes to be cancelled.

Since this is his first year of 7 hour per weekday school, I don't push him to do academic-related work when he's home. But clearly, he does enjoy the school routine and miss it when he's home. Just the other night, I found that he spelled out IEP Room. They have 3 such rooms in school, where small group sessions are conducted in Literacy, Numeracy and Science.

Another day, he grouped items in threes in several parts of our flat. I'm not sure if they do multiple choice questions, but took this to mean that his "answer" was B) 3 animals.

The first round of parent-teacher conferences last week indicated that all seems to be well at school. I only hope things continue to move this way - onward and upward. 

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