Monday, May 14, 2012

The Age of Aqua-rius

Summer is nearly gone, unbelievably. Last week it started to rain sporadically, after a solid month of searing sunshine. In another month, monsoon season arrives, and Little A goes back to school.

This weekend, we are set to go on the first of two mini-breaks. This will be a trip to a friend's farm in the south. She's been inviting us since before Little A came along, but we've only taken her up on the offer this year. I've seen photos of the gorgeous, sprawling, ranch-style hacienda complete with horses, organically grown fruits, vegetables and coffee. The latter three are how they make a living - exporting to the Asian region, particularly Japan.

As the summer has gone, in between therapy sessions, Little A has been swimming. Every day, sometimes twice a day. In the beginning, Big A or I would get into the pool with him, but lately he's been swimming on his own. In a month he's gone from doggy paddling the entire 25 metre length of the pool to teaching himself a version of the backstroke (2 days), how to float, and learning to hold his breath underwater. Recently he's been swimming a nearly proper stroke, without having had a single lesson. A session involves several lengths followed by a run around the pool, like a triathlete-in-training.

Big A says that what Little A has done on his own is amazing. As I am strictly a land creature, I agree wholeheartedly, and imagine it must be akin to learning how to do simple barre exercises corrrectly by simply watching and experimenting. We know our little boy achieves a great deal when he is motivated. Now to find a way to apply this motivation to speech.

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