Friday, February 24, 2012

Word Fun

Little A has been spelling a lot lately. For a while we packed away his letter tiles and magnets because he would simply arrange letters in alphabetical order.

When I brought the letters out again after a couple of months, he went right back to words, adding many new ones to his repertoire. "Letgo" or just "go" when he wants out, "orchesta" and its variations, with his musical instruments lined up in a row alongside, easy ones like "train", "noah", "ark", "zoo" and "jugle" with animals next to them. But there's one word that has me stumped every time, which he spells quite regularly as if just waiting for me to get it - "nogrmail."

Could it be that he sees me checking my email regularly? But why the "no" before that? Does he want me to play with him instead of checking my email? When he asks, if I'm not impossibly busy, I do, or at least take a break to play for a little while.

Verbally, he's mastered "ah" for up. Now we're on "baba" for borrow, "oh-peh" for open, and his first "complete" word - "ah-pah" for iPad.

The barrage of therapies goes on, with more hours added every week. Let's hope the improvement continues apace.


Peter S. said...

Goodness, I am guessing that Little A is a little bit more tech-savvy than me if his first word has to do with the iPad! I can count with the fingers on one hand the number of times I've held an iPad. I just have no strong feelings toward that gadget. (Aiieeee! I sound like Maggie Smith in 'Downtown Abbey'.)

Stepford Mum said...

Oh Peter, I'm less tech savvy than you are! The iPad is something I can hardly use, but it could be a really big deal for the likes of Little A. Should he end up not speaking or continue to be verbally challenged, the iPad or an iTouch can act as his "speaking device". There are already apps that help him communicate. We just try not to make him depend on them instead of finding his voice :)