Sunday, November 13, 2011

Once on This Island

There's song that goes, "They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot..." In this case, they paved paradise, but brought electricity, sewage treatment, solid waste management, clean water, a team of teachers, healthcare and job opportunities for the residents of the island, while keeping as much of it as possible au naturel.

A win-win trade off, in my book. Balesin Island off Quezon province in the Philippines is a pristine piece of land that for three decades was largely left untouched, apart from an airstrip graded by the pilot who owned the island. Since sold to a corporate entity, development has been quick, but all of it sound, thanks to the capable hands of the sustainable island developer spearheading the work.

Big A and I spent a day here recently, at the invitation of said corporate entity, who are selling a limited number of membership shares to what will be a stunning vacation spot with six themed villages and the usual island recreational activities.

If we had the cash to spare, we may have purchased a share; unfortunately we've still got a large debt to pay off for the business we started a few months ago. But we hope for the next best thing - that our friends invest, and then invite us over.

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