Monday, January 10, 2011

2011 in Books

This year, my reading challenge is simple - to read 50 books from what is now a huge - 70 book - TBR (To Be Read) pile. After the 50 are done, I carry on reading, and by the end of this year hopefully on my reading list will be 20 classics, 15 award-winning books and at least 5 Filipino-authored books. Plus a much smaller TBR (a dozen books at most.)

Big A is beginning to despair of ever getting his well-organized home back, and has already had the contractor in to see where additional bookshelves can be installed. He also gave me a Kindle for Christmas so I can theoretically store all further book purchases on one slim machine instead of all over the apartment.

The problem is, not all the books I want to read are available in e-book format. Plus, it's a machine. One spill of water, coffee or whatever liquid means my entire digital library is inaccessible, and I have to fork out far more than the cost of a replacement book to get it fixed. I will also be reliant on having a plug socket to keep it alive, though the battery life is amazing. Most importantly, I need to be sure my active little boy doesn't accidentally sit on it, step on it or drop it.

In my book (pun intended), the e-reader will never replace paper. They can, however, live harmoniously side by side. In halving my library between digital and printed formats, I do a little bit more to save the trees, plus keep my flat just that much further away from being submerged in books.


fantaghiro23 said...

Good luck on your 2011 challenges, Iya! I wish I had a Kindle, too. But, to be honest, I only want one for the sake of owning one.:) Like you, I much prefer printed books. Here's to both of us trying to trim down our TBRs!

blooey said...

We've got to do something about that "not all the books I want to read are available in e-book format" ... at least hook you up with several gigs worth of pages to read :D

My Nook's driving me crazy, I've got over a dozen books open in various stages of reading!