Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hand Me Downs

Recycling is good. Little A is lucky to have an older male cousin who provided him with nearly all the clothes he has worn since he was born. The only new clothes he has worn were presents, and the only clothes we have bought for him were purchased in the last year - shoes, underwear, vests and shorts mostly.

Little A turns three in a few days, and he still has enough hand-me-downs to last for years to come. Amazingly, many of the things have come back in style, such as this Toy Story t-shirt, over 10 years old and from the first movie (the third installment is in cinemas now.) The FIFA World Cup kit from 1998 is also significant as the current year's championship is underway.

I wish my mother-in-law had saved some of Big A's clothes from when he was little, as I'd love to photograph his son wearing them decades later. I have made sure to pack away some of Little A's things that were given new, like his Marimekko shirts and his Chelsea football kit. Perhaps one day his son will wear them too.


ChichaJo said...

Little C has a ton of hand me downs too! I haven't had to do any major clothes shopping and it's a great help!

Definitely agree that you should pack away some of little A's nice stuff. My mom saved some of my things (nice dress I wore for my first bday, cute ganchillo stuff, even blankets with borders crocheted by her old aunts) and I LOVE them! I love that Carmen gets to use my baby things :)

Stepford Mum said...

I love kids wearing old clothes - I think they have so much more character than new stuff from whatever label is in now. My mom kept most of our old stuff too and my nieces enjoyed them, but obviously Little A can't wear frilly smocked dresses in pastel colours :p So his 13 year old hand-me-downs from cousin Jamie are just fine for now!