Friday, January 9, 2009

A New Year

Another year has begun. This one has started off nicely, as we ushered it in quietly at home with my husband, son and in-laws, chocolate fondue and a modest midnight feast. Little A is now at the stage where he hates wearing clothes, so the stroke of midnight saw him in nothing but a nappy, shaking some noisy toys to scare away the bad spirits.

This week, I've been catching up with friends I hadn't been in touch with for nearly 15 years. One very resourceful former schoolmate (who is now a Countess) has managed to track down people we'd lost contact with, and with a little help from a borrowed scanner, I've managed to post some old photos online. What memories they bring back!

On the home front, it's time to get the chores done - airconditioning units need to be cleaned, Christmas ornaments taken down, cleaned and put away, and the groaning shelves of my refrigerator need to be emptied.

One of my objectives this year is to put on some weight as most of my clothes are falling off me despite stuffing my face at and in between every meal. So the holiday food presents are mostly gone and like all resourceful wives, I'm trying to get creative with what's left. Amazing what you can come up with when you've got an abundance of ham and cheese. 

The coldest time of year is also strawberry season in our temperate country, so I've got a quick-going pile of berries to turn into trifle if they aren't all consumed with cream and sugar. 

Tomorrow marks the start of another round of birthdays, beginning with my dad's and a godson's and my husband's goddaughter's two days later. There's my cue to get the presents in order. Another year. Let the good times roll.

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